Upholstery Cleaning

Your Upholstery is very important to you! Not only was there a significant expense involved in obtaining it but it also makes a statement about you and your family. Our upholstered pieces are where we often spend a great deal of time so we want them to not only look good but be clean enough to promote our family’s good health.

Roseburg Carpet Cleaning technicians are well trained in the proper care and cleaning of all fabrics, even the most delicate. Using cutting edge upholstery cleaning solutions and low moisture upholstery cleaning tools, we can assure you that your prized piece will be cleaned thoroughly and safely.

We use a multi-step cleaning process that is the best available in the area.

When your furniture is clean and beautiful, we apply a brand name stain protector FREE as part of our quality service. Your furniture no doubt came from the factory with stain protector applied to ensure your satisfaction and we want to be able to leave your home with the confidence that you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of that treatment. While some Upholstery cleaners charge extra for this service to cut costs, we simply will not leave your home without replacing the stain protector that is removed with use and cleaning.

Call us today and let us brighten your home by cleaning your furniture!!!