movingWe give big discounts on homes and apartments that are being cleaned for a future tenant. We can charge lower prices because we don’t have to do the complete 10 step process. Time is Money.
Tenants:  Not only do we have offer great discounts on empty homes, but we can also guarantee that your carpet cleaning deposit will be returned. If it is not returned because of carpet cleaning issues, we will refund the price of your carpet cleaning. Don’t risk your hard earned money by gambling with a cut rate carpet cleaning service. You will love our results and our prices are affordable!

Landlords: We find that carpets that are well cleaned and completely stain free promote greater respect for the property and thus result in a far more successful rental experience.
Our carpets are thoroughly cleaned and that results in far greater longevity to your investment in carpet. Longevity in carpet results in a much nicer “bottom line”.
Carpets that look like new and smell fresh will usually result in a far quicker rental turnaround and will make your property acceptable to a more discriminating homemaker that will take better care of your property.