Carpet Repair


While an unsightly blemish can make you feel like you have to spend thousands of dollars replacing your carpet, that likely is not the case. We can probably completely restore the appearance of your carpet at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Sam Forrester is an IICRC CERTIFIED Journeyman Textile Cleaner, a Carpet Repair & Installation Specialist, and a Carpet Color Restoration Specialist. There are almost NO problems we cannot solve.

Repair Techniques:

  • Shredded Carpet: Replace area with bonded insert. ( We carry some donor carpet in our vehicle)
  • Separating Seams: Reseal or replace seam tape.
  • Carpet Tears: Seal exposed edges and “bond” together.
  • Bleached Areas: Neutralize and replace lost color.
  • Stains extending into dye sites: Remove all color and re-dye.
  • Buckling Carpet: Re-stretch to original installation specifications. Most of the time, it is not necessary to remove all furniture from the room.
  • De-lamination of Primary Backing: Expose back of carpet and replace latex backing adhesive.
  • Saturation of area by pets’ body fluids: Apply liberal amount of Disinfecting chemicals, then remove excess moisture with subsurface extraction.
  • Small area with missing tufts: Re-tuft that area.