Carpet Cleaning

Roseburg’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Service!

Carpet Cleaners can come to your home with widely varied skill levels, from “able to start the truck mount and push the wand” to being a “well educated, experienced, and caring Professional”. The results they achieve can COMPLETELY determine the satisfaction level you enjoy with the carpet in your home. Sam Forrester is a Certified Senior Carpet Inspector. To achieve this elite certification you must be fully knowledgeable not just in Carpet Cleaning, but in all aspects of the carpet industry, from the original milling process, to carpet installation, to cleaning, to a comprehensive knowledge of the Warranty Process. If the carpet manufacturers trust our expertise, you can too!

We gladly offer a 90 DAY SPOT FREE WARRANTY  to customers who purchase our full stain protection package.  If at any time within 90 days of our original cleaning, a spot returns, we will cheerfully return and reclean that area at no additional charge.**

Our  “GUARANTEED RESULTS” Policy assures your complete satisfaction. If you do not see “dramatic” results on the  soiled areas of your carpets we will cheerfully reclean your specific area of concern and at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  **

As a representative for Carpet Manufacturing Mills, we have highly specialized equipment and chemicals used to honor the manufacturers’ “Spot and Stain” Warranties. Unfortunately, we do have to charge extra when we offer these services. The good news is that there are VERY FEW STAINS THAT WE CANNOT REMOVE!

“RED KOOL-AID REMOVAL IN 90 SECONDS….OR….FREE” is a good example of how effective our tools and chemistry are. We are so confident that once we apply our special molecular reduction chemicals to your stain, it will come up in less than 90 seconds, that if it does not, we simply will not charge you ANYTHING for that particular stain! So have your Stopwatch ready!

Carpet Cleaning Process
Will leave your carpets CLEANER, SOFTER, & they will STAY CLEAN LONGER!!!

  • In-home carpet analysis, together, we will analyze your concerns and determine how best to care for your carpet.
  • We gladly move smaller furniture that does not always stay in one place because we want your carpet to be completely clean.
  • We use commercial grade vacuums to remove dry particulate matter before we apply moisture to your carpet
  • We Pre-Treat traffic areas with solvent based cleaners to cut oily residue brought in by shoes and paws.
  • We apply detergent cleaners over the entire area to be cleaned as this creates a “molecular chain” that pulls dirt out as it is vacuumed up.
  • Powerful Pre-Scrub of heavily soiled areas, with dual action opposing cylindrical brush machine
  • Deep Clean Extraction and Final Clean that leaves your carpet free of soil attracting residues.
  • Application of “Carpet softener”, to leave your carpet soft and luxuriant. Soft is soooooo nice!
  • Apply Deoderizer, your carpet should smell as clean and fresh as it actually is.
  • Review results with you to ensure your complete satisfaction!

**Our Warranties do not cover new stains. Walkoff areas near entries to rooms are especially sensitive areas. Previous to asking us to return for these areas we ask that you make sure there are clean floor mats at all doors and that occupants be asked to respect the carpeted areas.